Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Super Delayed Spending Saturday

I've been procrastinating about looking at my spending for the past week because I was afraid to confront it, but after taking a gander I'm actually not doing so bad.

I've made way more money than I thought possible selling my lightly worn clothes on Ebay. As with any unexpected windfall, spending that money is far too easy. Of course, the Nordstrom catalog showed up around the same time and I fell in love with a pair of Tory Burch espadrilles. I rushed to my computer to see if they were even in stock still.

(I was fairly certain they'd already be sold out, torturing me like the sparkly Enzos I didn't get to wear at my wedding whateverwhocaresoverityeahright.)

They were still in stock! And selling in only whole sizes. I immediately purchased 2 pairs.

By the time they came, I was feeling sort of like they were an unnecessary purchase (duh). I had sort of talked myself into them by deciding I'd list some of my lightly worn and worn-no-more shoes and if they sold for a reasonable amount I could keep the new ones. But when they came, they looked only about 75% as adorable as they did in the picture. Okay, they were adorable, but also kind of impractical, and so looked less cute in my bedroom than they would on a models feet strolling around St. Tropez.

So, I decided to Ebay them. By now they were sold out online in both sizes. I figured if I could make a profit, all the merrier, and if not I'd return them. When the pair that actually did fit sold, I was a little sad, but at that point there was no turning back, and I'm very happy with the roughly $60 profit I made. It helps ease the pain.

Other than that, it turns out I didn't really spend anything this week except a little at the post office saying goodbye to old clothing and a new roll of packaging tape.

And yes, I purchased it online through Ebates before picking it up at Lowes and earned 2% of the purchase price back. It's what I do!

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