Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prius MPG - $3.79 Per Gallon!

I keep track of the gas I put in my Prius and my mileage every time I fill up. You can read about how I became a Prius owner here. I last filled up on February 23rd. Here's my latest miles per gallon...

Distance Driven: 339 Miles
Gallons Filled: 9.39 gallons

Average MPG: 38.06

I paid a whopping $3.79 for gas yesterday! I'm so incredibly happy with my decision to switch to a smaller car with great gas mileage. My SUV cost double to fill and I filled up twice as often - I can only imagine how much these gas prices would have hurt!

Actually, I can sort of imagine. My husband drives a big guzzler because he needs it for work. As far as trucks go, it probably doesn't do too badly on MPG, but it's been really painful to see him putting $85 worth of gas into it every week. It hurt enough when it was $75! 

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