Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Costco Versus The Budget

I stopped by Costco today for the previously mentioned bacon. By this point, my husband had cleaned me all out so any fantasy I'd had of those last few pieces making it into a quiche were gone. I also had just a few other items to pick up...

2 Dozen Eggs - $3.35
Bacon - $10.99
Pepper Jack Cheese - $6.89
Butter - $9.99
Balsamic Vinegar - $10.99
Italian Seasoning - $2.55
Tollhouse Cookie Dough - $7.79

Total - $52.55

My receipt is so short, my box so small, and yet Costco still took me for over $50! I couldn't believe it, particularly since I left with less than what was actually on my list. I started adding items up in my head and thinking about how I was about to blow the budget.

I put back pastrami lunch meat. It was almost $12, and I can easily buy lunch meat from Safeway for less than that and get through the rest of the month. I'm sure the pastrami would have lasted into next month, but it is still a pretty expensive lunch meat and I think my husband has been quite enjoying the (cheap!) ham.

While putting it back I remembered that I really did need cheese. I am loving the block cheese! Sure I have to slice it myself, but for the same price I get half a pound more and it's lasted me an incredibly long time. You know why? Because I slice it a lot thinner! One block lasted me a month and a half - plus cheese for two quiches! It's a cheese miracle.

I also put back the $11 tub of popcorn kernels. Popcorn is a great snack - inexpensive, healthy, and easy to dress up (I'll have to post my delicious popcorn ideas in another post) - but until now I've been buying the microwave bag kind. Buying kernels will be a ton cheaper, especially since I don't go for that fake butter stuff. Nevertheless, I decided that March is not the month to try out the tub. Even though it was a ton of popcorn for the price, $11 is a lot of money. Too many Costco purchases will ruin a budget, even if you're getting great deals.

After all, I was already replenishing my butter and balsamic vinegar supply. I haven't purchased either of those since starting this blog, but when replenishing purchases all fall in the same month it can get tricky.

I've decided I need a plan for next month since I will literally have eaten our house out of meat. I'll post that soon...

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  1. I recently got a Costco membership and it's saving me a ton of money BUT I shop in four week cycles so I go in with a list and I will not put anything in my cart that's not on my list. I go in with a plan of action and cash :)

    Monday is my big shopping day and I will be spending $136 at Costco and $164 at Meijer. That will leave me with $100 of my $400 monthly grocery budget for more fresh produce and milk during the following three weeks (at Meijer).

    It's also incredibly important to have a menu plan to go along with your grocery list, so you're buying items you actually need!


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