Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bing Rewards

I haven't really caught on to the whole Swagbucks thing yet. I'm kind of embarrassed to say that since I'm such a sucker for free money, but I just don't like that it surprises you with rewards. I like structure. Guarantees. Nevertheless, I'm always jealous when some of my favorite bloggers - The Frugal Girl and The Non-Consumer Advocate - post about cashing out for Amazon gift cards. I could really use those!

(Clicking their names will take you to their referral links, if you want to show them love. Technically I have my own link, but since I barely use it your referral would be more useful for them than me. Plus, they are awesome bloggers who deserve it!)

But today I took advantage of a Fusion Cash offer, and discovered Bing Rewards. It's very similar - they even have Amazon gift cards - but it seems more structured to me. All you do is download the Bing Bar and click on the Rewards Button. Today it offered me 6 points for looking at college basketball videos and another 6 points for looking at Lumiere Brothers videos. I also earned 20 points for my own searches - 1 point for every 2 searches. 40 searches = 20 points. See? Structure!

The button tells me I can earn up to 20 points a day until April 2nd. We'll see what happens then, and in the meantime I'm going to max out my points every day!

Bing gives you 250 bonus points to sign up, and on top of that Fusion Cash is offering $3 for downloading the Bing Bar and signing up for rewards. So, if you sign up through Fusion Cash, not only can you get started on your way to free rewards, but you can get paid just for signing up. You'll be winning more than Charlie Sheen!

If you haven't yet signed up for Fusion Cash (I shamelessly begged for your referrals last week, and I'm only 5 away from meeting my goal!) you can do so HERE, confirm your e-mail, and then search the Offers page for "Bing" to get a $3 Fusion Cash bonus and get started with your Bing rewards. You'll also get a $5 sign up bonus with Fusion Cash and be on your way to your first $25 cash out.

I'm on my way to 1081 Bing points and a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

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