Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Savings and a Philosophy Coupon Code

I just completed my holiday shopping - and I did it in about an hour online. Jealous? You should be, because I also saved money on every single one of my purchases!

I got 3% cash back from Best Buy and Crate & Barrel by going through Ebates, and I finally got to use the Crate & Barrel gift card I've been holding onto for some time. I had a brief moment of panic when I couldn't find the card in my cluttered purse. What a waste that would have been. Thankfully, I avoided that trap this time.

I also got 2.5% cash back through Urban Outfitters and got an additional 20% of my order over $100! I must confess, I was $2 short of the minimum order, but I surfed through the apartment sale and found a stuffed sock monkey for a reasonable price. This will be going to friends who just got pregnant, and although I wasn't expecting to find their gift at Urban Outfitters, I would have probably spent more on it elsewhere.

I'll be giving Amazon money to a Kindle owner, and thanks to the $75 I've racked up since September through Swagbucks, it's not really costing me anything!

In case any of you out there are planing to buy products from Philosophy this year, I stumbled upon this coupon code for 10% off now through Sunday and thought I'd pass it on: ebatesjolly10. Of course you can always get 5% cash back by signing up for Ebates!

Now all I have left is a Costco run for socks and boxer briefs, and I'm sure Santa won't forget my husband's fruit pastilles :)
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