Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spare Pennies

I'm sure you'll all be very impressed to hear about my exciting Friday night - rolling coins! Yes, this is how I spent my evening.

While my husband went night skiing with friends, I caught up on the shows he refuses to watch with me and organized my purse. Cue counting the bag of coins I keep in my purse.

Now, I never use cash for anything. I'm a credit card rewards kind of gal. How I end up with any change at all is beyond me, but I had so much change that I went looking for more!

After I'd cleaned out the coin tray that hubby keeps by the bed (and then never does anything with) I searched the house for more change. I ended up finding a jar I've had since college full of pennies, along with a small box full of coins. I've been moving it from school to apartment to house all these years and stowing it in the back of a closet. Go me?

When I was done, I had $26 in rolled coins! Okay, actually $25.25. I need to find 3 more quarters to finish off my quarter roll. Only $9.25 of that is in quarters. Can you imagine rolling $16 in pennies, nickles and dimes? Not that easy, but totally worth it.

Once again, the pennies really do add up!

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