Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh look! I posted!

It's been over a year and a half since my last post. Time flies when you're working yourself to death! In that time we rented out our house, moved onto our boat, bought another house, remodeled it and moved into the city. During all of this time I went nutz decided to bump up my school credits from one class a quarter to full time. 3 classes. Every day of the week. On top of full time work.

Here's the interesting thing about college tuition (at least at the good ol' U of W): 5 credits costs about half of what 10 credits cost. But 15 credits costs the same amount as 10 credits. We're talking big bucks here, especially since UW raised it's tuition by 20% between the 2010-2011 school year and the 2011-2012 school year. I decided not to hang around later than that to find out what the next year would bring.*

*Sidenote: It brought zero increase. I took 15 credits for 3 quarters followed by 20 credits this summer and they raised the tuition none.

Anyhoo, on top of graduating with a second degree (this time a BS, cuz I'm full of it ;) I also decided to turn my MRS degree into a MAMA degree, as you may have noticed from the below letter to baby. And how pregnant am I you ask? Why, very! 37 weeks, so officially good to go, although thinking it will happen anytime soon is probably just the delusional wishes of an uncomfortable preggo.

So, you're all caught up! Except I don't even know who the crazy pregnant lady is talking to, because obviously after a 21 month absence (my absence can legally drink already) I don't have any readers left. But not to worry, because I have plenty to say even if I'm just talking to myself.

Por ejemplo:

  • Renting vs. Buying and why we decided to buy again
  • Becoming a landlord (terrifying) and paying the tax man (mixed emotions)
  • The cost of outfitting a nursery, or Why I <3 Craigslist
  • Making fresh pasta! (!!!) (because that's how delicious it is!)
  • Navigating the college savings account
  • The budget compromises of a saver and a spender
  • A review of - one you can trust, because I'm not a famous blogger getting paid to review (spoiler alert: I love them)
  • A look at how much money we spent on takeout the month I was too nauseous to cook, and hubby and I both got home from work/school after 9pm every night
  • Cloth Diapering - can we do it?!
And that doesn't even count all the adorable baby photos I will no doubt be flooding this site with. So on we go!

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