Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ohai There!

You thought I had died? Yeah, me too for awhile there...

I've been pretty busy. Not too busy to keep up with all my blog reading though, so I figured it was time for me to get back on the blogging horse and put my contribution to the blogosphere out there.

Like I said, I've been busy. Among the many things that have been going on is one exciting development - I'm back in school! Technically speaking I have been in school for the past year, even longer than I've been blogging. The difference is I was taking care of some reqs that didn't suck every ounce of free time out of me and it didn't seem worthy of mentioning yet.

Read: I didn't feel like mentioning it until I was actually accepted into my program. I'm a big scaredy cat like that.

But guess what? I was accepted! And it was awesome! And I had all of about one weekend between being accepted and starting class. And then the first assignment was a breeze! And then it got hard...

So during the spring I focused on school and I'm happy to say that I passed the weeder class that about half of my class was retaking for the second or even the third time and I even did it with a halfway decent grade and without my husband divorcing me. Or forgetting what I looked like.

Now, for the first time in a year, I'm actually not in school. I started this whole back to school thing last summer, so this is the first time in awhile that I haven't been smack dab in the middle of a class. It feels extremely luxurious.

I'll be back at it in the Fall taking another difficult class and hopefully passing. After these two classes are out of the way I hope to figure out how to work an actual full time schedule into my already full time schedule. I will have to broach that as 2013 2012 (clearly brain is fried) comes about, and haven't quite figured out the details yet. A lot of thinking and planning is going into it, and the hubs and I are saving up all of our pennies as much as possible in anticipation of a year when I could be working part time and for a much reduced salary.

Hopefully the payoff at the end will be worth it.
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