Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Spending

I don't have a whole lot of spending to report for the past week. Mostly I've just paid fixed bills, and also have a couple charges at the post office and my first invoice at eBay for 9% of all my sales. I don't see those charges as "spending" though since I ultimately brought in money I wouldn't have otherwise, and the buyers are the ones actually paying for shipping.

My one personal charge was a $25 Groupon certificate for a 3 hour acrylic workshop at Daniel Smith art store in Seattle. I have always been fairly artistic, although never threw myself into it much. I recently started painting with acrylics when my sister in law pointed out she could easily paint me the wall art I was considering purchasing from Crate & Barrel for a lot less money. Instead, I had her teach me how to use acrylics, and have fallen in love with it. Art supplies are expensive, but certainly not as expensive as art! I'd even like to see if I could earn some side income from my art once I get a little more skilled and prolific with my works. I only have so much wall space of my own, after all!

So, that's my spending for the week. All in all, my budget is looking pretty good and repairing from our weekend in Portland last month. If I can limit my miscellaneous purchases to this art class this month, and keep my grocery purchases a lot smaller than usual, I might even be able to catch up with the extra splurge last month!

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