Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March Grocery Madness!

...or not, because actually March has been extremely easy on me grocery-wise. I have been making a concerted effort to use up all the frozen leftovers and meat in the freezer, and I guess it turns out I had way more than I thought, because I am still in good shape on the meat I bought new last month that is sitting in the deep freeze.

I made a mental list of meat the other day, and I'm pretty sure I can get by on entrees without buying more than a couple flank steaks and a 3 pack of organic ground beef from Costco.

So, I haven't done my usual big first of the month grocery shop yet. I do have to keep my husband in lunches, so I made a small trip to Safeway. Here's what I left with:

Organic Milk - $4.99
3 Apples - $2.00
Virginia Ham Lunch Meat - $7.41
Salami - $6.68
Rotisserie Chicken - $6.56 (after tax price)
Fresh Spinach - $1.99
Skinny Cows - $4.99

I also stopped by Metropolitan Market to pick up my free bag or heirloom oranges (yay, coupons!) and I also found parsley for just 99 cents and sprouts for $1.99. Metro Market can be pretty expensive, but nobody around here is beating those prices. I still haven't found sprouts at Safeway since the great salmonella scare, and I've been too lazy to get around to growing my own. This weekend, I swear!

I do need to stop in for more chips for hubby's lunches, onions (desperately) and Italian seasoning. We could also use some more eggs and bacon, but all in all I think I'll be blowing the food budget out of the water this month! If only I can stay away from the wine aisle...

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