Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prius MPG - A Portland Road Trip

I keep track of the gas I put in my Prius and my mileage every time I fill up. You can read about how I became a Prius owner here. I last filled up on February 1st. Here's my latest miles per gallon...

I'll let you in on a secret - I actually filled up once between now and February 1st. We took a road trip to Portland, and got gas along the way. I completely forgot to write down the exact mileage and gallons, so here's my best guess based on how much the gas was and the last time I glanced at the odometer.

February 11th
Distance Driven: 390 Miles
Gallons Filled: 9.37 Gallons

Average MPG: 37.78

I also filled up again last night. Don't worry, I was on top of it this time!

Distance Driven: 367 Miles
Gallons Filled: 8.94 Gallons

Average MPG: 38.55

I bought my Prius last May, and was averaging far better than these numbers show because you get better gas mileage in warmer weather than in the winter. Unfortunately, I lost all the data to even out these winter reportings! Oh well, it will start getting warmer soon. (Never mind that the Prius and I will be braving a couple inches of snow this morning!)

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