Tuesday, February 8, 2011

eBay Success | Free Listing Ends Today!

About a week ago I started cleaning out my closet and listing my gently used (and a handful of never worn) clothing on eBay. The success I've had so far is way more than I ever expected! As an experienced Craigslister, I knew that none of my items were suitable for Craigslist. I would have to list everything every week for a year in order to get even a few fluke sales. But I figured I'd try them out on eBay with some auction style listings.

When I discovered that eBay was running a free listing promotion I listed a handful of my nicer new-with-tags items for a little bit higher, but mainly I started everything out at the free-all-the-time auction price of 99 cents. I either put up only one picture, or uploaded additional pictures using HTML in the body of the listing, so I didn't pay a penny upfront for any of my listings.

I'm astonished by how much things have been bid up! Items I didn't expect to sell at all have sold, and things I expected to make a few bucks on at most have sold for up to $30 in bidding wars. So far I've sold $206 worth of clothing, and have at least another $20 coming once the last of my auctions end.

None of the clothing I'm selling had been worn in at least 2 years. Some of it hadn't been worn at all.

Even with the 9% that eBay takes off the top once a sale is made, I'm banking at least $205 from this experiment, and with all the success I've had I'm definitely going to try to list some more items. If you're trying to figure out how to put a couple hundred bucks away as the start of an emergency fund, this is definitely a great way to do it.

The free listing promotion ends today, so get started!

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