Monday, February 14, 2011

So Much For A Thrifty Valentine's Day

I just received these beautiful flowers at work from my hubby for Valentine's Day. It was a complete surprise as he knows I do not require flowers for occasions like this. To be perfectly honest, I'd have been happier with a plant for the back yard. Or anything really that isn't going to die a week from now. I'm a little sick at the idea that this cost $85. I was also just informed that I won't be making the steak I'd been planning (and which was already a part of our grocery budget). He'll be going to the grocery store for supplies for a surprise dinner.

My husband is definitely not as frugal as I am, but he is obviously a loving and caring man. He even made sure the bouquet included orchids and white hydrangeas - just like at our wedding. I'm probably going to make sure I don't get cut flowers for Valentine's Day next year, but today I'm going to enjoy the beautiful bouquet and be grateful that my husband is the kind of man who plans a delicious dinner for me. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

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