Friday, February 11, 2011

Food Waste Friday | Famous Focaccia Fail

I don't have too much food waste to report, although I just did my big shopping trip of the month so everything in the fridge is relatively brand new. Crossing fingers none of it turns into waste!

I did make a gallon batch of yogurt, courtesy of The Frugal Girl's instructions. I still need to perfect this. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but I think I may have added the starter when the milk was still too hot and killed off some of the good yogurty bacteria. It definitely still made yogurt, but was a little runny. As a result, I have about half an inch of yogurt at the bottom of a mason jar that seems to have separated and will have to be thrown out.

I also requested some of my hubby's famous focaccia bread to accompany some pasta, but he couldn't find his favorite recipe. He used a different one found online instead, and it turned out....not the best. We ate it the first night, suffered through it a second night, and decided to put the remainder to rest the third night. So disappointing!

I also have been far too busy with decluttering the house and a to be announced thrifty project to bake anything other than store bought cookie dough, so the sour milk in my fridge remains unused. How long can you leave milk before it goes from sour to just plain bad? I'm getting nervous about cooking with it, so that might have to be added to my food waste tally for this week.

All in all, I'm not feeling too guilty. I did make some extra rice the other night (I like to make two batches at a time and refrigerate half) and we're going out of town for the next 2 nights, so I'll have to use it up on Sunday to make sure I don't have to post about it next week!

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