Friday, February 18, 2011

A Note On Milk

You may have noticed (and probably didn't care) that I bought 1% Milk on my last shopping trip. This is actually a huge change for my little family of two.

I was raised on non-fat milk, and on top of really loving milk I really really love non-fat milk. My husband is also quite a big milk drinker, and thinks anything less than 2% tastes like gross water.

Now, milk is really not a frugal drink choice, but we still drink quite a bit of it at my house. Besides being very healthy, milk also helps sooth acid reflux. I have a nasty case of GERD, and a poor case of health insurance. I recently switched from my nifty but expensive drug to a why-am-I-even-bothering to-take-this more affordable option, so I've been drinking even more milk than usual.

Around the same time, I started noticing I was having breakouts. After searching the internetz a bit decided to switch to organic milk. This is a $3 per gallon difference - another less than thrifty move, but balancing thrifty food with healthy food can be a tricky act. I'm no scientist and have no idea if it's even related to the milk, but my breakouts have stopped.

Another plus? Organic milk is delicious! Delicious and extra creamy. After much deliberation, my hubby decided he'd be willing to switch to 1% if we keep drinking organic milk. So, we're meeting in the middle. By having only one gallon in the fridge at a time I'm pretty sure we'll never have sour milk again.

And avoiding food waste is thrifty.

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