Sunday, February 27, 2011

Grocery Run - Last for February

I made another run to Safeway on Monday. I exchanged the candy thermometer I had purchased a month before and that had promptly broken. I purchased a regular meat thermometer that still covered the temps I need but doesn't have glass. I also picked up milk, red lettuce for sandwiches, and green onions. The green onions were an impulse buy, but I noticed that they were on sale for their old price of 99 cents. Then I noticed it was 2 for 99 cents! Are you kidding? Done and done. No regrets.

Thermometer Difference - $2.96
Milk - $4.99
Green Onions - $.99
Red Lettuce - $1.99
Total - $10.93

I also stopped at the Franz Bakery Outlet on Wednesday night to pick up sandwich bread. I've been meaning to go in there forever! I had no idea what to expect, but it was everything I was hoping for - no frills, but tons of products at cheap prices. Luckily, they had my husband's favorite bread. The loaves were $2.79 - already a huge discount off Safeway prices (although I did just buy loaves for that price on sale at Safeway). But on top of that, Franz had a buy two deal!

2 Loaves Columbia River Sweet Dark Whole Grain - $5.29

Grand Total - $16.22
Total for February - $229.75

Below budget! And I still have tons of food left. I will be working hard to come in closer to $200 in March.

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