Saturday, February 5, 2011

Approved For A New Rewards Card

After writing a post last week about my credit cards and my favorite rewards card, I decided to apply for the Fidelity Rewards Visa. I was ecstatic today after logging into my Fidelity account and seeing that I was approved!

My favorite rewards card is definitely my 2% Fidelity American Express, but a lot of places don't take AMEX. I lose out on rewards when paying our Progressive car insurance bill, and often at smaller stores (thrift stores especially, it turns out!) I was so excited to learn that Fidelity also had a Visa card. It's only 1.5% cash back and increases to 2% after spending $15,000. Not quite as good as the AMEX, but still better than the FlexPerks Visa I use now.

This high I have now is probably pretty close to what a shopaholic has after charging through Nieman Marcus. I'm glad I get it from being approved for credit, rather than using credit!

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