Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Small Victory

I put some big once-a-year bills on my credit card recently for my husband, and worked out a payment plan from him to get everything paid off before it accrued any interest. He works in construction, and the winters can be slow, so he put a motorcycle that wasn't being used on Craigslist to help pay everything off. Luckily, it sold quickly and for more than he was expecting.

Of course, this left him feeling very flush.

His little brother, whom he does a lot for, helped him out with a job over the weekend. He does this a lot, and in return my husband has helped pay for things his family wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. It also helps keep little brother busy and out of trouble! He mentioned to me that he was thinking of stopping to buy some Carhart's for his little brother in the morning. He was sick of him showing up for work in skinny jeans :)

I said "Listen. You still owe more than you currently have in your checking account. You get paid this Friday, so I'm going to leave you $150 for two tanks of gas, which is more than you'll actually need since you just filled up, and $100 extra. You can pay the remainder when you get paid. $250 is way more than you need until Friday, but it's your money so you can do whatever you want with it."

His response? "I wonder if we could find a pair at Goodwill?"

I couldn't be prouder!

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