Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let the April Grocery Shopping Begin!

In case your interest was piqued by the recipe posted yesterday, it's my duty to report back that it was delicious! It always seems so hard to come up with new recipes to spice things up, and then BAM! Along comes spicy beef noodle bowl.

I took a picture with my super old iPhone. It really didn't do the dish justice. But, it did capture the red pepper that just begged to be a part of the dish. Lesson learned: add red pepper and get a new camera.

Of course, trying out a new recipe meant heading to the grocery store. And a brand new month and untouched budget meant a couple (carefully planned) splurges.

Trader Joe's
Egg Noodles - $1.99 (and only used half the package)
Sirloin Steak - $11.39 (saved half of this, too!)
Broccoli Florets - $2.49
Red Bell Pepper - $1.29
Dozen Eggs - $1.69
Brie - $4.23 (because it's a pretty cheap treat when you consider how delicious it is!)
2 Bottles Charles Shaw - $5.45 (we drink only the finest)

Total: $28.53

1 lb Salami - $6.49
1 lb Ham - $5.63
Gallon Milk - $5.19 (this makes my eyeballs want to bleed)

Total: $17.31

Which brings the grand total so far to $45.84. Kind of scary since that's about a fifth of my budget. We shall see how this goes...

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  1. Oh, doesn't the blank month stretching ahead of you all unspent and full of delicious potential just make you want to think about food non-stop?

    Errm. Maybe just us? Awesome on the brie, by the way. I'm hoping for some excess grocery savings this month so Mr & I can put the kids to bed one night and have an entire meal of cheese.


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