Monday, January 24, 2011

Antique Shopping Thrifty Finds!

I posted a little while ago about going into a thrift store to check out clothing for pretty much the first time ever. This past weekend the hubby and I visited his grandmother and hit up some local antique shops in the morning. I had mentioned to him that I wanted to try making my own homemade yogurt and needed some mason jars to do it. He saw some adorable Balls jars with seals for $3 each. Probably more expensive than mason jars would be, but also so adorable! On top of that, his grandmother had 2 almost identical but larger jars that she gave me! So I came home with 4 jars ready for yogurt for $6. With the savings I'll have making my own yogurt instead of buying it, I'll pay off that $6 in no time.

Here they are after sterilizing them. Adorable? I think so!

As I was walking out with my jars I looked over and saw a cheese dome just like we'd had when I was growing up for only $4. At that price, I couldn't resist. Maybe thrift store shopping actually isn't going to save me money ;) 
Mmmm, cheesy goodness.

The jars are just perfect for making the yogurt. The big ones are quart sized and the small ones are pints. The cheese dome is something that I really didn't need. I've just been keeping my cheese in plastic bags in the deli drawer of my fridge, and it works just fine. The dome takes up quite a bit of room, while not really fitting all that much cheese since it's round and the cheese is usually...not round. But like I said, for $4 I couldn't resist. I might give it a good wash and put it on Craigslist next month. If I sell it for $10 I'm more than doubling my money. Has anyone else thrift store shopped and sold for a profit? Maybe this could be my new thing in the quest for pennies!

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